Company Overview

Dexter Technologies is a leading Global IT Solution provider, in creating technology solutions for some of the world's most successful enterprises. We partner with clients to provide sophisticated end-to-end technology solutions from concept and strategy development, architecture and design to the execution and launch of complex initiatives.

With its global base, Dexter Technologies stands strategically poised to meet the urgent and imperative need for building successful digital channels. We build world-class industrial strength systems and capabilities for our clients helping them to achieve a quicker time to market for their initiatives. We integrate emerging technologies into existing business systems to increase efficiency and cut costs.

We bring more than twenty years of combined experience in managing, building, and marketing technology products related to disciplines such as component-based Web/Software Development, Content Management, Transaction/Financial Processing Systems, Security Solutions for media distribution on the web, Unstructured-Data Management Technologies for the pc/web, Online Banking Services, Online Content Services, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Distributed / Network Computing Products, Migration of Legacy Systems, and Maintenance of Legacy Applications.

We work with our clients in various business models.




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